Monday, 14 February 2011

Oh hi.

So, today I realised that my day can be made by eating wotsits. They are possibly the most beautiful things in the whole world. Even though they are orange, I still love them; which says a lot really. I enjoy the sound they make when you bite in to them, and how they feel in your mouth as you do so. I like how they cling to your teeth so that sometimes up to twenty minutes later you are still eating some wotsits. Oh, I do love them so.

Today I was given some wotsits. This made me extremely happy. I think it is important that people give me wotsits every day, for then my life would be perfect.

I was just having a cheeky look at the Topshop website, and found the most amazing dress ever. Reckon it's mine now.

Yes, I know it's beautiful. Summer is round the corner so I think it is important for me to buy myself lots of clothes ... Well, okay maybe I am just trying to make myself feel better about the amount that I have spent on clothes over the past few weeks. But that dress needs me, therefore I shall buy it. It shall be the last item of clothing to be bought for a while for my wardrobe is slowly filling up again.

I never usually receive any thing on Valentines Day due to obvious reasons. However, today I received a card from my beautiful friend Emily. Thank you for making my life not so lonely on Valentines Day and I apologise greatly for scaring MJ at the end of the day :( <3

Ta-ra x